19th Junior World Team Challenge 2014

Uradna stran BZS 19th Junior World Team Challenge 2014 Bowling Event - 19th Junior World Team Challenge 2014 2014-06-19 2014-06-22 Bowling sport competition - 19th Junior World Team Challenge 2014

First day: Thursday, 19.06.2014

Last day: Sunday, 22.06.2014



Game format:

Enter as many brackets as you like!

What is it?
Competitors are randomly placed on bracket. Format is single elimination match play. Scores used will be from team qualifying. We will have both Scholarship and Merchandise Brackets.

TEAM BRACKETS using the combined team game scores in single elimination match play. TEAM BRACKETS - $25 per team

BAKER TEAM BRACKET using 2 game sets from Baker format - limited to first 8 entries - register online! $25 per team

Cost? 100% of entry fees are returned in scholarship awards -- Visit the BRACKETS PAGE for details!

Lady Monster - Girls only bracket - $15 entry fee
Multiple Scholarship Brackets in 2 divisions -- Open & Limited (verified avg. 189 or less) & Girls Only - $5 each

SATURDAY "Team Event" Virtual DOUBLES
Pick as many partners as you want! Enter as often as you want!

What is it?
You pick whoever you want to be your partner! No matter what team or division he/she is in.

Based on your 5 regular games of qualifying (team event) scores.

3 divisions: Open/Unlimited Mixed, Open--Girls only, Limited Mixed (combined verified averages of 379 or under-average verification must be on file to compete in limited division) Note: All pairs with unverified averages must compete in unlimited division. Divisions are assigned automatically based on averages unless specified otherwise.

Registration available during early bird check in and first thing Saturday morning. Entries close at start of Bowler's Briefing.

$10 per set of doubles ($5.00 per person) — must be paid as a set when registering. Enter as often as you want, with as many partners as you want. Prize fund returned 100% in scholarships on a minimum of 1:10 ratio.

This is separate event held on Friday afternoon for early arrivals. Teams of mix/match doubles compete in a Baker format event. Limited to the first 128 entries. Cost is $72 for pre-registration per team or walk-in for $80 cash only. Bowl 8 baker games of qualifying. Top 32 teams will advance to a 16 slot bracket and compete in single elimination 2 Baker Game matches which collapses until a champion is determined. All awards are scholarships! For more information click on link above. Check in & Registration begins at 1:00 PM at Suncoast Bowling Center Click here to enter

Sweeper Singles
2 singles events on Thursday. One in the afternoon, one at night. Entry fee is $52 per squad for pre-registration, $60 for walk-in cash only. Each squad is run as a separate event, so you can enter either or both squads. Online pre-registration advised as space is limited.

1. Eligibility – This is a five person scratch team event. All United States entrants must hold a current season USBC Membership card and be in good standing with USBC. All international bowlers must be current members of a WTBA member organization. All bowlers on a team’s roster must not have reached their 22nd birthday by August 1, 2012 (beginning of bowling season). Current and/or former members of the PBA are not eligible to compete. The five person teams may consist of men, women, youth or combination that meet the age requirement specified in this rule. This is an invitational tournament, and the tournament management has the right to refuse entry to any team. This event is USBC Sport Certified.

2. Check In – Check-in time shall be one and one-half hours prior to the start of the tournament. USBC cards must be presented at check-in for all members. Teams will receive lane assignments prior to the start of the tournament. All team members must be in dress code compliance for team to check in.

3. Substitutions – Captains may replace any bowler with an eligible substitute at any time during competition. Eligible substitutes must be declared when your entry is submitted. The Tournament Management understands that situations may arise which are out of the control of the remaining bowlers on the team and substitutes may not be known until the start of the tournament. Situations that may fall into this scenario will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Tournament Management. All decisions are final. A bowler removed during a game cannot return to bowl in that game. A Tournament Official must be notified when teams move subs in and out of their line-up. Substituted bowlers must enter lineup in same position as person leaving lineup.

4. Lineup – Teams must bowl in the order listed on their team entry form during regular bowling – qualifying round.

5. Rotating bowlers: Although it is allowed to rotate a bowler in/out of lineup — tournament management strongly advises against such practices. No refunds will be made in doubles or brackets entries. If a bowler doesn’t bowl a game, he/she will receive zero score for side events. If a substitution is made mid-game — the bowler who completes the game shall receive the score for that game.

6. Injury/Delay of Game: In the event a bowler is injured or becomes ill during competition, team/player will be allowed five (5) minutes to return to the game or be replaced by a substitute bowler from their roster. A tournament official must be notified immediately and will time the delay. Once 5 minutes have lapsed, the position will receive zero for the frame and competition shall resume. When the injured bowler’s turn comes up again, no additional time shall be awarded, either the original bowler must bowl, a substitute bowler begin play (See Substitution Rule #3), or zero will be awarded for the frame so that competition is not delayed further.

7. Ties – In case of a tie for positions entering the step-ladder finals (with the exception of the two teams tied for last 2 spots of the step-ladder), a one-half game (frames 6-10) Baker match will be held between the teams involved prior to the start of the step-ladder finals. If a tie exists in the Championship match, a one game (frames 1-10) Baker roll-off will be conducted to determine the Champion.

8. Tournament Management – The decisions of the tournament management shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC rules.

9. Entry Fee – The entry fee shall be $515 per team/$103 per bowler. Breakdown as follows: (Expenses & Lineage: $48; Prize Fund – $55).

10. Entry Deadline – Entries open on February 1, 2014. Entry forms, and average verification (for Limited Div.) must be postmarked by May 11, 2014. Late postmarks may be returned. The deadline will be strictly adhered to. Entries not accompanied by full payment of entry fees may be returned. Online entries require immediate online payment via PayPal or the entry will not be processed.

11. Prize Fund – All prize fees will be returned 100%. Prize fund will be divided according to the number of entries in each division. Awards and Scholarships will be distributed based on a minimum ratio of 1:10 entries. No cash awards will be given — only symbolic awards will be presented and scholarships may be earned – all scholarships will be administered by SMART.

12. Amateur Standing: Awards and/or scholarships earned may violate individual state/school amateur standing rules. Bowlers receiving awards are responsible for knowing and abiding by such rules. Bowlers must advise tournament officials in writing prior to start of competition if he/she cannot receive certain awards. Under no circumstances will tournament be responsible or liable for eligibility rule violations.

13. Awards not accepted: Any scholarship award that is not accepted by a bowler due to Amateur Standing or NCAA rules shall be handled as follows: Team awards: Amount shall be distributed to remaining team members on an equal basis. Doubles, Singles, Brackets, etc. awards: Shall be added back to prize fund for his/her division to be distributed proportionally to the remaining award recipients of that division in the same event. If a ball is not accepted by any player, it shall be donated to the tournament to be used as a raffle prize.

14. Protests – Any questions or concerns must be brought to either one of the Co-Tournament Directors. Official protests must be filed, in writing, with one of the Tournament Directors in accordance with USBC Rule 329. Scoring errors must be reported to tournament official within 24 hours, or prior to awards being presented, whichever occurs first.

15. Average Verification – A league standing sheet for every league each bowler competed in during the current bowling season for all roster bowlers must be provided for each member of teams entering the Limited Division. Highest league average as of April 1, 2014 must be used, with a minimum of 21 games. For the purpose of determining a team’s division, the highest current season averages for the highest five (5) bowlers will be used regardless of how many alternates are listed. Coaches and bowlers are responsible to see that average verification is sent in. Entries submitted on or after April 1 should include average verification sheets at time of entry (mailed or faxed). In all other cases averages must be submitted by May 11, 2013 or team may be assigned to compete in the Unlimited Division without notice, all others excluded. Average verification for any late subs or roster changes must be submitted by fax within 24 hours of the change being requested. All averages must be “USBC” Certified League averages (see USBC Rule 319a). PLEASE MARK NEXT TO EACH BOWLER ON YOUR TEAM – DO NOT HIGHLIGHT IF FAXING STANDING SHEETS. Any league that is “USBC Sport Certified” must be clearly noted on the standing sheet – and the conversion must be used, unless a standard average exists for the bowler. Exceptions to USBC average rules may be granted to international players are the tournament management’s discretion.

a. Any team who submits improper averages (incorrect date , not their “highest” averages, not adjusted to be a “regular average”, etc.) may be disqualified without refund or placed in the Unlimited Division without further notice at Tournament Director’s discretion.

b. IF A BOWLER HAS ONLY A SPORT CERTIFIED AVERAGE AND NO STANDARD LEAGUE AVERAGE EXISTS FOR THE CURRENT SEASON, Definition of highest league average requires using the adjustment factor as listed in the current USBC rule book to adjust sport averages to regular USBC league averages. Bowlers with both Standard and Sport Averages MUST submit and use their Highest Standard Average to determine division, regardless of any sport averages that exist.

c. Highest current season averages are defined as: the highest average bowled for at least 21 games in any league which begins on or after August 1, 2012. This includes all fall & winter leagues, even if they ended prior to the average cut off date of April 1.

d. If a higher average for any bowler appears on than submitted by the bowler/team, USBC rule 15a (above) may apply at Tournament Director’s discretion.

e. If a bowler does not have a current league average in accordance with these rules, a bowler may compete in the Limited Division using an assigned average of 190 for females & 200 for males. However, to use an assigned average, the bowler must submit a written request along with verification of ALL bowling competition (leagues, tournament clubs, tournaments, etc.) for the current and previous bowling seasons to include scores, standings etc. to include any leagues with less than 21 games. All requests to use an assigned average must be in writing and submitted with the team entry form or faxed within 24 hours of any online/faxed entry.

f. Bowlers who reside outside the jurisdiction of the USBC (International competitors) may submit their averages for consideration by the tournament management. Acceptance of non-USBC averages for these bowlers may be allowed at the tournament management’s discretion. Averages submitted should be in compliance with the local bowling association/federation with jurisdiction at the bowler’s home location.

g. Tournament Clubs (JBT, JAT or similar groups): Limited Division bowlers MUST submit tournament participation summaries (average sheets) for all events held between August 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014. Tournament management reserves the right to re-rate any bowler based on substantial difference between league averages submitted and actual tournament competition ability.

h. The tournament management reserves the right to re-rate any bowler whose competition record indicates skill that exceeds the assigned averages above (USBC Rule 15e) OR league averages submitted do not reflect the bowlers tournament performance at other events.

i. Teams and bowler averages will be posted online before the event. All bowlers are responsible to review the bowlers and averages online and should report any discrepancies in posted averages along with any supporting data to the tournament manager at least 7 days prior to the event.

16. Line up/roster changes must be submitted in writing by fax or email not later than June 1, 2014. Team captain is solely responsible to ensure that any roster changes will not affect the team’s division placement. Should a substitution/change increase the team verified average resulting in going over the 949 cap for Limited Division, the team will either be moved to the Unlimited Division prior to the start of competition or disqualified (without refund) once competition begins.

17. Conduct – Poor behavior, to be determined by the Co-Tournament Directors, will not be allowed on or off the lanes and may result in disqualification for your entire team. Any incident that reflects poorly on the JWTC, reported to the Tournament Management, including consumption of alcohol beverages by minors, underage gambling and/or poor behavior in the host hotel, could result in an individual or team disqualification, at the discretion of the Tournament Management. Entry fees of disqualified teams or bowlers will not be refunded.

18. Limited Division Exception – If nine (9) or less teams are entered in the Limited Division as of the entry deadline, the Limited Division will not be conducted, and the teams affected will be given the choice of a refund of their entry fee (or) entry into the Unlimited Division.

19. Format – The tournament shall take place on Saturday, June 21 & Sunday, June 22, 2014. There shall be two divisions, the Unlimited Division (950 team average & Over) and the Limited Division (949 team average & Under). Teams in each division will bowl a total of five games of regular bowling (5 person team) AND bowl six games Team Baker Format in the qualifying round on Saturday. During practice, each team will be allowed seven and one-half minutes of practice on each lane, with tournament play beginning at 9:15 AM approx. The field in each division will then be cut by a ratio of 1:3 (based on total pin fall), based on entries, with a minimum of eight teams, and a maximum of 16 teams. The Semifinals (Finals-Step 1) round will consist of two-game baker match play. Qualifying scores will not be carried forward into the semi-final round. Teams qualifying for the Semifinals will bowl one two-game match against each of the other teams in their division with the last match being a position round. (i.e. if 8 teams advance in a division, the Semifinal round would consist of (8) 2 game baker matches). The Semifinals will begin Saturday afternoon and will be according to USBC lane schedules for the number of teams in each division. Half of the Semifinal matches will take place Saturday afternoon, with the remainder taking place on Sunday morning. Check-in for the Semifinals on Saturday will be at approx. 5 PM, with tournament play beginning at approx. 4:30 pm. Check-in for the completion of the Semifinals on Sunday will be at 7:30 am, with tournament play beginning at 8:00 am. After the completion of the Semifinals, the top three to five teams (based on number of entries) in each division will begin bowling the Finals at approximately 1:00 pm. The Finals will be stepladder, with the 5th place team vs. 4th place team in the first match, loser taking 5th, winner advancing vs. 3rd place team in the second match, loser taking 4th, etc. until the winner of the final match is declared the Tournament Champion. All times listed above are subject to change with ample warning.

20. Team Finals Format/Rotation: The finals will begin on and matches will continue on breakdown from semi-finals until competition is finished. Matches will alternate between 2 pairs of lanes in each division as posted and/or announced. Both teams will be given 7.5 minutes of practice on each lane of the match immediately before each match begins. During the matches, all bowlers must be seated until the delivery of the ball. Team mates may not step onto the approach and must wait until their player returns to the settee area to give accolades, etc. Team with highest seed will choose their starting lane prior to the start of match play. Bowler positions in the finals must remain the same for the duration of the match (2 games). A practice pair will be provided for the next team to warm up during the preceding match. Tournament officials will operate a “shot clock” during the finals. Bowlers will have 60 seconds from the time prior bowler exits the approach to deliver their first ball of each frame. Bowlers will have 60 seconds from the time of 1st ball is delivered to deliver a 2nd ball, if needed in the frame. Unless a delay is authorized by the tournament official due to mechanical issues or re-spot of pins, etc., a zero will be awarded for the delivery if delivery is not made when clock expires. Should a re-spot or mechanical breakdown occur, the shot clock will start as soon as lane shows ready to bowl.

21. Tournament Dress : Tournament Management shall determine what constitutes proper dress for participation. While meant to be limiting, the following applies:

a. Males must wear dress slacks and a sport/bowling shirt with a collar. Females may wear dress slacks or an appropriate skirt or dress shorts and a sport/bowling shirt with a collar. IF a skirt /shorts are worn, it must be at least fingertip length when standing with arms down at sides.

b. No denim, sweatpants or sweatshirt type materials are allowed. No skorts, capris, or cargo-style pants are allowed.

c. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed. All bowling shirts must have sleeves and a collar. Shirts must be long enough to fully cover the abdomen when fully extended at the foul line. “Mock” collars will be permitted Jerseys with BANDED or POLO collars are acceptable — crew & v-necks are not permitted under our rules.

d. All slacks must be worn at waist level – no sagging is allowed and no undergarments shall be visible.

e. All teams advancing to the semi-finals and finals MUST wear matching shirts (embroidery or names are not required, just that they match in style and colors)

f. Clothing or equipment with alcohol or tobacco advertising, or with any offensive material on them, will not be allowed

g. No hats, jackets or sweaters are permitted to be worn during competition.

h. Electronic devices such as iPods, MP3 players, etc. may not be worn or used on the approach – they may be used in the settee area so long as they are not audible to any other bowler. Cellular phones and pagers shall be put on silent mode or turned off and not used during competition.

22. Refunds: Team cancellation prior to entry cut-off date (May 11) may receive a full refund (less processing fee, if paid by credit card). After cut-off date, only lineage portion (approx. $10 per bowler) of the entry fee shall be refundable.

23. Pre-reserved teams must be fully paid to hold spots. Entries canceled/withdrawn prior to April 10 will receive a full refund (less credit card fees if paid online). Rosters for pre-reserved teams must be submitted by April 10. Any pre-reserved team who cancels after April 10 OR does not submit a roster by April 10 may be canceled at tournament director’s discretion and such canceled teams may only receive a 50% refund. Any forfeited fees will be added to the prize fund. After entry cut-off (May 11) only lineage portion shall be refundable as stated above.

24. If a team is disqualified prior to the start of the semifinal round, and said team qualified for the semifinals, the next eligible team will be taken. If a team is disqualified after semifinal competition begins and rule 25 (below) does not apply, disqualified team shall receive a zero for all games/matches and team’s opposing shall receive a bye (win bonus points), except during position round. During position round, if no opposing team — team bowling unopposed must bowl 90% of their average (actual pinfall without bonus) of games bowled during semi-finals to win bonus points.

25. During semi-final round, should a team be disqualified and the next qualifying alternate team is present and wants to bowl, next qualifier may begin competition as soon as reasonably available without delaying any games already bowled or in progress. They shall be assigned 90% of the current lowest qualifier in their division. All teams who bowled against the DQ team shall receive a “bye” and win their bonus points. Teams who have yet to bowl against the DQ team will also receive a bye and win the full bonus points. The replacement team will be able to earn additional bonus points for matches actually bowled based on actual pinfall – these points are in addition to the points awarded to the “bye” teams. No “bye” points shall be awarded during the position round – only actual pinfall and earned bonus will be used.

26. In the semifinals, 50 bonus points are possible each match, in addition to actual scores

a. Game One – 15 points

b. Game Two – 15 points

c. Total Match Win – 20 points

27. Semi-final standings will be based on the total of actual pinfall in semi-final round plus bonus points earned for winning games & matches.

28. Teams are not allowed to have an acronym as their team name and only words found in a standard collegiate dictionary may be used. If team is sponsored, proof of legal business name (business license or company check) will be required if there is any question as to the team name being in compliance with this rule [fax to (253)830-0139]. State names may be abbreviated if part of a team name, using accepted postal abbreviations only. Tournament Management decision on any team name is final.

29. Bowlers must remain in the settee area while bowling. Each team is permitted one coach in the bowling area, Coaches must remain behind the “blue line” on settee floor during qualifying and semi-finals and behind the “red line” during the finals. Coaches must comply with dress code requirements to be allowed in the settee area. Coaches must be identified by an appropriate identification card while in settee area.

30. All aisle ways and stairs must remain clear!

31. No flash photography or lighted video may be used at any time during tournament practice or competition

32. No smoking is permitted in the bowling center or in tournament office. Bowlers shall refrain from use of any tobacco product during competition.

33. Acceptance of credit cards is being provided as a convenience to the bowlers — only initial entry fee into tournament, and items purchased via our online presales on the website may be made by credit card — all on site payments are to be paid in cash at time of entry (brackets, doubles, 2nd chance singles, team pictures, etc.). Each dishonored check will be assessed a $25 service fee.

34. The tournament management recommends that bowlers who are under the age of 21 travel to Las Vegas with a parent or adult chaperone.

35. Bowling unopposed: Due to odd number of entries in any division, if a team is bowling unopposed, the lead off bowler must wait until the 5th bowler has begun to bowl his/her frame, before starting the next frame.

36. E-mail is the primary form of communication with the tournament staff. If you submit a change by email or fax and have not received a written response/confirmation that the change has been accepted within 24 hours of sending the email, DO NOT ASSUME the email has been received. Please either resend your request OR call (253)475-1884 to verify the receipt. If you don’t have a written reply, you should assume that we have NOT received your email or fax.

37. By entering the 2014 JWTC all bowlers and their parents/guardians have read and agree to the terms of the Photo Release form (click here to read the release terms and conditions). Should the bowling center or sponsor require, each bowler or parent/guardian for bowlers under the age of 18 may be asked to sign a written copy of this release. If the parent/guardian is not traveling with the bowler, these forms will be available online and can be submitted at the check-in table at the first event competed in or emailed/faxed in advance of the competition.

38. Bowlers must attend the bowler briefing to be held immediately prior to the opening ceremonies. No food or drink is permitted in the bowler briefing room. Bowlers are to put the equipment on their starting lanes (see posted lane assignments) prior to attending the briefing. One coach is permitted to attend the briefing with each team.

39. As teams move after each game during qualifying and each match of semi-finals — bowlers may not enter the new settee area or move equipment until teams currently bowling have completed their competition on those lanes.

40. Being many bowling balls and bags look alike — bowlers are responsible for picking up and moving their own equipment at the end of each competition and shall not leave bowling equipment unattended at any time. No paddock area will be provided, however the center may offer locker rentals for bowler use – any fees for lockers are bowler’s responsibility. Any equipment left at bowling center may be removed from the center by security and may not be available for the next event.

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