Open New Year Challenge 2014

Uradna stran BZS Open New Year Challenge 2014 Bowling Event - Open New Year Challenge 2014 2013-12-28 2014-01-05 Bowling sport competition - Open New Year Challenge 2014

First day: Saturday, 28.12.2013

Last day: Sunday, 05.01.2014

Game format:

In every squad the first place is automatically qualified for the Finals and receives 55€ (in
squads 1 -8) / 70€ (in squads 9 - 18). The first of the first eight in a squad reaches the finals. For every additional eight an additional player advances to the finals, but without getting prize money.

1 – 8 players in a squad: 1st advances to finals,
9 – 16 players in a squad: first two advance to finals,
17 – 24 players in a squad: first three advance to finals,
25- 32 players in a squad: first four advance to finals.
33 – 36 or more players in a squad: first five advance to finals. Only the first in a squad receives prize money. Every player can qualify for the finals a maximum of five times. Each qualification advances one round. With five qualifications a player starts the Finals in Round 5.

The finals start Sunday the 5th of January at 8:30 am. The 36 highest scoring players
that have not qualified in a squad are automatically qualified for round 1 of the finals.


1. Position 1200 €
2. Position 600 €
3. Position 400 €
4. Position 200 €
5. Position 180 €
6. Position 150 €
7-8. Position 100 €
9-18. Position 75 €
19-38. Position 60 €
39-72. Position 42 €
1-8. Each squad winner 55 €
9-18. Each squad winner 70 €

Prizes Shootout for 1st - 3rd Place

1st - 300 €
2nd - 200 €
3rd - 100 €

Prize fund: fixed

Prize tax: Yes

The final rounds are knockout rounds. Every round starts with a score of zero – no pins are
carried over from previous rounds. In every round 50% of the players qualify for the next round. In round 6 the 18 best players advance to the next round.

Players that have booked a package including a ball and have paid can receive their balls
and receipt starting the 28th of December prior to any squad during registration. We recommend picking up your balls as soon as possible to have enough time to have them drilled.

To be announced

Pattern by: Kegel

As an additional bonus for players that have booked a package including a 900Global ball we offer a free entry to a shootout. The shootout is on Saturday the 4th of January 2013 at approximately 9:00 pm. During the shootout you may only play with the 900Global ball. Rules of the DBU apply for this event. There are no practice shots allowed before the shootout. Advance one round by scoring a strike or 9 pins in one throw. Less than 9 pins score is out. This continues until there is only one bowler left.

Peter Uwe Flick


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