World Sports Festival

Uradna stran BZS World Sports Festival Bowling Event - World Sports Festival 2014-07-03 2014-07-06 Bowling sport competition - World Sports Festival

First day: Thursday, 03.07.2014

Last day: Sunday, 06.07.2014

Game format:

The Bowling Championships will be divided for two separate events, one for the Trios event and one for four Singles events.

All categories will be played with handicap.

The four Singles categories are:
Girls 11-14 years
Girls 15-19 years
Boys 11-14 years
Boys 15.19 years

Category definitions:
Age 11-14: Players born on 1 January 2000 or younger
Age 15-19: Players born on 1 January 1995 or younger


Positions For each category
Position 1 Gold Medal
Position 2 Silver Medal
Position 3 Bronze Medal

Prize fund: fixed

Prize tax: Yes

To be announced

Pattern by: Centre

Plus Bowling

Beheimgasse 5-7

1170 Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +43 664 413 22 53


Center specifications

Number of lanes: 32

Approaches: Synthetic Active FA-010

Surfaces: Synthetic Active FA-010

Pin decks: Synthetic Duratec PBA

Pin setters: Brunswick A2

Pins: Twister

Score system: Qubica AMF

Dressing equipment

Oil machines: Kegel Custodian Ion C Sport

Oil: Kegel Prodigy

Cleaner: Kegel Fizzion

Tournament schedule Depending on the number of participants. Later info in Bulletin 1 and at the tournament website Hotels provided by the organizer

Wolfgang Lohschmid

+43 6991 315 48 56

[email protected]

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